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Thanks for visiting my blog.

This site is dedicated to the opinions of sports lovers in general.

My articles are generally thought provoking and sometimes amusingly controversial. They are generally opinions based on current events in the sports arena.

Madhu Kshirsagar

2 thoughts on “About us”

  1. Hi Madhu,

    I really appreciate your view on the number of the topics you have covered and while I could argue a few points just for the fun of it I appreciate mostly the neutral position most of your presentation starts form. The picture is usually very well established and in the end leaves you pondering the questions one personally already might have had however now from a fresh perspective.
    I would be interested in your view on
    A) Should women get paid equally to men in business and sport?
    B)Sportsmanship, should it exist in professional sport.

    Kind Regards
    Aron van Staden

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